How do I submit a claim?

Depending on the type of Fare Protection you purchased, you may need to submit a claim in order to get reimbursed for a difference in airfare. Refer to your Fare Protection confirmation email to check if this is the case.

Before you submit a claim, please note that eligible claims must reflect the following:

  • Book within the protection period (i.e., before Fare Protection expiration)
  • Book an itinerary with matching details (travel dates and flight numbers) vs. your protected itinerary
  • Submit (forward) your claim within 72 hours (or three days) after you receive your flight booking email.

To submit a claim, forward a copy of your flight confirmation email (sent by the airline or the travel site you used) to

If you purchased Fare Protection on CheapTickets/BudgetAir: Simply book your flight using the book now link provided in the Fare Protection confirmation email.

After booking your flight, you will receive an email with a secure payout link to claim your reimbursement. There is no need to submit your booking confirmation to

Helpful Tips:

  • Please note that claims are capped at 200 USD / 200 GBP / 200 EUR / 250 CAD per protected passenger.
  • If you book at the same or lower price than what you protected at, there's no need to submit.
  • For faster processing, please forward from the same email address you used to purchase Fare Protection.
  • Please do not submit non-claim requests to the email address above. For any questions, please let us know here.
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