I can't find my protected flight!

If you are having trouble locating your flight within the protection period, please let us know via support@fareprotection.com. While we are unable to book flights on users' behalf, we would be more than happy to look into any issues and (if possible) provide users a way to book their flight.

If we find that the protected itinerary is indeed no longer available for purchase, we will offer users at least one of the following, at FLYR's discretion:

  1. A cancellation and refund of the original Fare Protection purchase.

  2. An opportunity to shift the applicability of Fare Protection to an alternate flight of FLYR's choosing.

For CheapOair users: If your flight is no longer available for booking, the option to extend your protection to a similar flight will be automatically offered to you via your Fare Protection confirmation email link.

Upon clickthrough, you will be taken back to the partner you originally purchased Fare Protection with, and offered several options to choose from.

Once you have made your choice, you will be given a discount up to $200 per protected passenger based on your original protected rate.

If you purchased Fare Protection on CheapTickets/BudgetAir/Vayama: After clicking on the "book flight now" link provided in your Fare Protection confirmation email, you will be redirected to purchase your protected flight.

If your flight is no longer available, you will, instead, see other flight options to choose from, such as +1/-1 a day, alternative airports, and similar flights on the same day. Once you’ve selected and purchased a new flight, you will receive a confirmation email thanking you for booking a flight with a secure payout link.


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