How is FLYR Fare Protection different?

Fare Protection is offered by FLYR, not by the airlines. You may have see some airlines offer a similar protection service. We believe our service is better. Here's why:

  • More Choices, Better Prices: We offer Fare Protection on multiple carriers, whenever/wherever available. This means that you won't have to be on a single airline's website in order to buy protection (making comparison shopping a lot easier).
  • We're On Your Side: FLYR acts as an independent 3rd party. We offer protection with zero bias toward a certain flight or carrier. Fare Protection is priced solely on the risk that your fare will go up.
  • An Opportunity to Save: If a protected flight drops in price, you can simply book the flight at the lower fare. Unlike some similar products out there, you'll will not have committed yourself to purchasing the locked-in price, even when fares drop.
  • Protect the flights that you want: With Fare Protection, you're able to cover a wider range of travel dates for a 7-day protection, down to as little as little as mere days before departure! FLYR allows you to save on the flights that you actually want.
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