Can I switch my Fare Protection to a different itinerary?

Because we price Fare Protection policy according to a specific flight itinerary, we are generally unable to transfer the protection to a different itinerary. In order to submit an eligible claim, it's very important that the dates of travel and flight numbers match your Fare Protection exactly.

For example, if you purchased Fare Protection for flight UA123, locked in the price at $100, and ended up booking UA456 instead at $120, the booked flight would not be eligible for a claim payout. Only bookings on UA123 would be eligible.

If you purchased Fare Protection on CheapTickets/BudgetAir/CheapOair/Vayama: Please note that the link provided to you within your confirmation email will take you directly to the original flight you selected when purchasing Fare Protection. For information regarding flights that are no longer available for you to book, please visit our support page titled “I can’t find my protected flight!

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